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Our Products

Our Products

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Custom Wrist Wraps for your Gym or Team!

Express your style and wear your gym or team colours with pride! For a minimum order of 9 wraps, we can design and produce wrist wraps decorated with your choice of colours and logo*.

*Colours, when printed, may vary and designs cannot infringe copyright laws.

About Us

About us

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Want strong and stylish gym accessories as unique as you are?

With so many boring but functional gym accessories around, Power Pony was born to meet the demand for fashionable and robust fitness apparel.

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Handmade wrist wraps to fit your needs!

Providing a range of designs, we as a small cottage business create premium quality wrist wraps that will allow you to train hard, safely and in comfort.

Through our commitment to quality, all our wraps have a 100% cotton underlayer to protect your skin from chafing and keep you as cool as possible whilst training.

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UK Based & UK Designed

We are based in the UK, and just like unicorns, our products are in high demand, disappearing as quickly as they're made.  If you want to look good working out, order now to capture your own Power Pony wrist wraps & apparel!

If this all sounds like a myth to you, check out our testimonials for yourself!

(Guaranteed no narwhal horns)


We support all athletes, so if you have a query or special request to meet your needs, please click the Contact Us button below and we'll do our best to bring our magic to your workout!

Already enjoying your Power Pony wrist wraps? Want the world to know how great they are?

Please post a testimonial by clicking the Contact Us button above.

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