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Skull & Roses Wrist Wraps

Skull & Roses Wrist Wraps

Train in style and safety with our Skull & Roses wrist wraps.



Designed for maximum durability and comfort, our handmade 29 inch wraps have a cotton underlayer to ensure your wrists will be supported and comfortable during your workout.


Why choose Power Pony Wrist Wraps:

  • Small & Strong - Thin enough to pack in the smallest gym bag and strong enough to provide full support when wrapped.
  • Easy to Adjust - Wrap. Twist. Tighten. Easily adjustable for the perfect fit, for any size wrist.
  • Comfortable - The cotton underlayer is soft on your skin and sweat absorbent.
  • Machine Washable - Keep your wraps looking brand new - please follow the instructions provided.


Train safe. Stay strong.


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