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Custom Wraps for your Gym or Team

Let your gym members show their pride, or unite your team with unique wrist wraps designed by us!

Fill out the form below to give us an overview of what you're looking for, and we'll be in touch by email to begin the Power Pony magic!


Batch of 9

Perfect for gym owners or your whole team,

receive a bespoke design with your logo and unite under one wrap!


Please contact us for more details and talk to us about your requirements and pricing.


Order today to make a statement in the gym and look synergised at competitions. They can be a great way to promote yourselves too!

Pricing is dependant on order size and requirements.

*Colours, when printed, may vary and designs cannot infringe copyright and other laws.

Our custom wrap Clients

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Why buy custom wrist wraps?

Promote your business!

Have your gym members or clients wear your wraps with pride as they train and compete to get your name out there whilst keeping their wrists safely & stylishly supported.


Stand out from the crowd!

Express yourself the way you want with a design that’s unique to you and get off the brand-wagon.


Gift it!

Gift a personalised wrist wrap to a friend or family member to show off your bromance or sisterhood.

Get your Custom Wrist Wraps!

Please fill out the form below with as much detail as you can and we'll be in touch soon!

It is best to provide a high-resolution copy of your logo or branding to ensure the best results.

We do NOT offer branding services!

If you need or are looking for a logo or branding, we can highly recommend Molten Marketing.

Contact Details

The Design

Design Info

Logo/ Image


Thanks for submitting!

Custom Wrap Form

We support all athletes, so if you have a query or special request to meet your needs, please click the Contact Us button below and we'll do our best to bring our magic to your workout!

Already enjoying your Power Pony wrist wraps? Want the world to know how great they are?

Please post a testimonial by clicking the Contact Us button above.

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